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Body & Soul

Registered Massage Therapist

Commissioned Full Time/ Part Time Employee

Body & Soul is an EXTREMELY busy, professional, well respected clinic in Delhi, Ontario. We are looking for a full time or part time RMT to join our amazing team immediately! We are looking to hire a commissioned employee so you get all the benefits of being an employee without worrying about overhead costs!

The new Registered Massage Therapist can expect to start with an already almost fully booked schedule with clients booked from July - December! Everything needed to provide care to the clients will be provided, so there are no out of pocket expenses! 

We are a well-respected clinic among Healthcare Professional in our community and currently have an RMT, who is no longer taking new clients, a Medical Aesthetician, and two receptionists. Body & Soul is averaging inquiries for RMT services from at least 2 NEW clients A DAY!

We focus on ensuring the utmost client care through individualized treatments and Interprofessional collaboration. Ideal RMT candidates must be positive, enthusiastic, and in good standing with the CMTO. We are looking for someone who is willing to stay with us long term and we are willing to mentor a new registrant.

Please contact us at 519-582-2424 or email us for further information. Interested candidate can drop of their resumes at 165 Main Street of Delhi or send it to us through email at