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Body & Soul

Massage Therapy Services & Fees

Registered Massage Therapy

Used to locate and loosen up your "achy" muscles and increase circulation, decreases stress, and increase relaxation. 

30 Minutes...$56.00

45 Minutes...$72.00

60 Minutes...$90.00

90 Minutes...$120.00

Hot Stone Massage

For those days when you just need to relax. The therapeutic warmth from the stones helps to put you into a state of total relaxation and benefits both body and mind.

45 Minutes...$90.00

90 Minutes...$140.00


**Herbal Thai Stem Massage

Deep moist heat from the steamed stems is utilized and is highly effective when dealing with deep seated muscle tension and the aromatherapy is a wonderful way to promote the healing process and increase relaxation. 

60 Minutes...$120.00

90 Minutes...$150.00



Indian Head Massage

An invigorating, Ayurvedic based treatment that helps to increase circulation, decrease tension and headaches, and increase relaxation. 

30 Minutes...$68.00



*all treatment fees shown include HST and come with registered receipts when requested

**Thai stems come in Coconut, Citrus, and traditional Thai herb scents

Payment Methods include: Cash, Debit, Visa, and Mastercard as well as direct billing to most insurance companies