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Body & Soul


La Vie Est Belle (Life is Beautiful) Pedicure....$25.00

Treat your feet to this extremely thorough pedicure treatment which includes cut and shape of nails, heel scrub, and a quick foot and calf massage that will leave your feet feeling baby soft! *Please note: This Pedicure does NOT include polish or cuticle removal*

The Oh- La- La Pedicure....$30.00

A luxurious, 1 hour pedicure treatment that leaves feet and toes perfectly groomed. Begins with a soak, followed by cut and shaping of nails, cuticle clean-up, heel scrub, exfoliating foot and calf massage, and a polish application. Add a French polish for $5.00 more!

The Shellac Pedicure....$45.00

Lasting a full 2 weeks, Shellac is a longer lasting alternative to standard polish. Includes removal of old polish with a special solution, cut and shape of nails, a gentle cuticle clean-up, heel scrub, Shellac application and relaxing foot massage. Add a French polish for $5.00 more!

Paraffin Wax...15 minutes for $25.00 (add on)

Indulge rough, tired feet with this hydrating heat therapy foot treatment. Soothing heat encourages circulation, muscle relaxation, and relieves joint tension. Feet are wrapped in warm paraffin, leaving them soft and moisturized.


The Petite (Small) Manicure....$20.00

This manicure is ideal for when hands need to look tidy in a flash. Includes cut and shape, cuticle clean-up, and hand cream application with a massage. *Please note: This Manicure does NOT include polish*

Intrépide (Fearless) Manicure...$25.00

Nails are soaked, cut, shaped, and cuticles gently cleaned-up. Next, hands become silky soft with a soothing hand cream application and gentle massage. Finally, a polish application completes the manicure. Add a French polish for $5.00 more!

The Shellac Manicure....$40.00

This long lasting alternative to standard nail polish leaves nails glossy and chip-free for up to two-weeks at a time. Nails are cut and shaped, cuticles gently cleaned, and Shellac expertly applied. A soothing hand massage completes the treatment. Add a French polish for $5.00 more!

Hand Paraffin Treatment...15 Minutes for $15.00 (add on)

Smooth and moisturize dry, aching hands with this hydrating, soothing heat therapy treatment.  Ideal for relieving joint tension, promoting blood circulation and relaxation.

Additional Add Ons

Nail Art...$5.00 for one nail ( Toe or Finger) or $10.00 for all nails (ONLY fingers)

Polish Only...$10.00 (No other work is done but polish application)

Detox Pedicure...Add on to ANY pedicure for $10.00 more

Activated charcoal is trending, but its use as a detox and healing remedy goes way back. Charcoal binds to certain poisons, heavy metals, and other toxins and flush them from your body, making it a wonder substance for acute and general detoxification. Add to ANY pedicure for $10.00 more!